Creative fashion styling with a twist

Fall 2011/Winter 2012 Style report: Feathers, fringes, animal, leather, sheer chiffon


  1. Alexander McQueen Fall RTW 2011,
  2. Jacket: Club L Military Style Faux Leather Jacket BANKFASHION.CO.UK
  3. Leather dress:
  4. Cincher belt: Forever 21
  5. Sequin Skirt: All Saints
  6. Faux leather skirt & knit panel: Forever 21
  7. Croc handbag: Forever 21
  8. Studded jacket:
  9. Sequin olive top: All Saints
  10. Leather jeans: DSQUARED
  11. Chiffon sheer blak top, maxi dress, leopard shoes, lace tops & feather necklace: Forver 21

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