Creative fashion styling with a twist

About Missfit Maiko Style

The world would be a boring place if we all had to conform to the latest trend, and all had the same style…

While growing up, I always had my own style and never really followed a trend. Sometimes I may integrate a certain piece from the trend to style my own look.

Missfit Maiko Style specializes in styles that are odd, eccentric, non-conforming, or rebellious. Whether it is U.K. street punk, Tokyo goth lolita, 1950’s rebel, 1940’s glam or avant garde…versatile to style an artistic elegant look. I also have the ability to construct custom pieces such as clothing, hair accessories, jewelry.

In my spare time, I work on multi-fashion labels that includes my accessories line Sugar N Spikes Accessories and apparel construction/reconstruction Missfit Maiko Kouture. Other interests I have is sketching, shopping, makeup, blogging, reading various fashion & tattoo magazines/books, resourcing designers and working on styling look books. In addition to that, my obsessions are animal prints, anything with studs/spikes/chains  i.e. handbags, clothes, jewelry), dia de los Muertos/Day of the Dead, Rebel without a Cause, militaria fashion, the colors red/black/grey, steampunk, and unique shoes.

My educational background besides fashion styling training received  from the School of Style includes Marketing, Fashion Merchandising/Visual Display, Clothing Construction.

I am prepared and equipped to take on any fashion styling project; whether it’s print, editorial, video, commercial or film. Please contact me at or thru the contact page.


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